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CEO/Corporate Advisor

Bill McSharer is CEO at Fides Safety Management Pty Ltd. and a Corporate Advisor with 47 years’ experience ranging from Pty Ltd, Unlisted Public to ASX listed companies. Bill provides independent advice for a myriad of dilemmas facing business today in relation to growth, diversities, conflict, risk and problem solving, and more importantly helping directors / officers fulfil their obligations to mitigate the risk of liability in Work Health and Safety.

Bringing a wealth of experience to his honest advice, Bill looks at things differently, employing critical analysis and critical thinking so that business owners have a bird’s eye view that allows them to clearly understand their statutory requirements of Work Health and Safety. His ethos for effective problem-solving in business is ‘independence of mind’ and “so far as it is reasonable practical”.

Bill holds a Master’s in Business Administration, Graduate Certificate in Business and a Diploma in Company Directorship; he is currently studying to achieve a Bachelor of Laws.


0447 733 372


Business Development, ISO 9001, 45001

Hailey McSharer brings extensive experience to her management role at Fides Safety Management Pty Ltd., having worked in small to medium-sized businesses in both private and public companies, as well as in government and non-profit organisations. This background has given her an inside perspective on a range of business structures and therefore has provided her with the experience in business development skills and administration management in her current role.

As the face of the business, Hailey brings insights, ideas and different perspectives, through research and application, to a range of business activities such as identifying new business opportunities, marketing and supporting the Fides Consulting team. She brings a youthful, tech-savvy energy not only to the business but to client projects.

Hailey is dedicated in helping and supporting organisations understand Work Health and Safety requirements and moulding behaviours that ensure compliance within workplace health and safety.


0400 293 898


Work Health and Safety Subject Matter Expert

Garry is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Western Australia and Special Council at Allion Partners.

Garry has a law degree from Murdoch University and an MBA and PhD from Curtin University.

Garry is also a professional member of the ‘American Society of Safety Engineers’ and a RAB QSA International Auditor of Safety Management Systems.

He has written some of the most effective OHS and Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management training courses in the market place. He wrote and provided the Mock Coroners Court Course to the (Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention (IFAP) in 2007. The course still runs successfully today and attracts much kudos from several corporate entities. He recently updated the course to suit current legal considerations. The course was attributed by Woodside as one of the educational tools used to successfully lower their lost-time injury (LTI) rate by 50%. Garry has also provided OHS legal advice and editing to the Australian Institute of Management. Garry frequently speaks at Safety Conferences, Safety Seminars and Motivational Gatherings.

He is currently a Senior Lecturer at Curtin Law School and has teamed with Fides Consulting to deliver comprehensive and effective workplace health and safety solutions.

Garry is morally driven to help organisations understand their roles and responsibilities, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over many years and holds an unyielding philosophy to see a reduction in workplace death and injury.


0408 081 215



Deise is a registered Psychologist who holds a Bachelor of Psychology and Graduate Diploma in Education. With over 20 years of practice in Psychology and Counselling, Deise has worked in Australia and overseas working with children, adolescents and adults.

She has significant experience in consulting, psychological aspects of Work Health and Safety and Workers Compensation, Education, Human Resource Management and Community Care.

Deise has a diverse range of cultures.

Deise also specialises in Employee Assistance Program (EAP) designed to enhance the emotional, mental and general psychological wellbeing of all employees and their immediate family members.


0402 419 133


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